About us

About Us

Vigneto del Bino was created by the Trombino family of Antioch, IL. With their first vine that they planted in the Spring of 2009, Debra Trombino amd her father, Jim, wanted to create unique wines from their local vines. When the vineyard started in 2009, the Trombino family planted grapes that could sustain the harsh winters of Northern Illinois and the disease that can come along with the inconsistent climate changes. Deb and Jim decided that the American and French-hybrid grape varietals would be the best option. They started with two white grapes....Brianna and Frontenac Gris, two red grapes....Frontenac and Sabrevois, and a table grape called Sommerset. The following year, the vineyard increased from 900 vines to 1,900 vines with the addition of a white St. Pepin grape and a popular French-hybrid called Marquette. They also added some more Sabrevois vines. In 2011, 300 plus Edelweiss vines were planted in the back vineyard. Vigneto del Bino vineyard now has 2,300 vines over 4 acres with another 4 acres for future growth. The vineyard is truly a family affair...three generations of Trombino family have helped to grow the vineyard to a beautiful display of hybrid wine grapes. Deb, Jim, and Donna (Jim's wife) work daily in the vineyard to make it a beautiful setting. Other family members, from Deb's sisters, children, nieces, nephews, and significant others have helped with planting, pruning, and harvesting the vineyard.


With the vineyard maturing, Jim, Donna, and Deb decided to build a winery to make and house the wine that they created from their local grapes. With their first harvest in 2011, Vigneto del Bino winery became a reality. It was originally housed in the warehouse of the Trombino's technology business until their winery building was built on the property where the vineyard lies. The winery building was built in the Summer of 2012, a beautiful rural building that sits between the front and back vineyards. Vigneto del Bino winery is a boutique winery located on Crawford Road in Antioch, IL. The manufacturing of all their wine varieties takes place in the facility. The winery also has a tasting room and gift shop, where patrons can enjoy tasting Award Winning Vigneto del Bino wines, shop for gift items, and just relax.